Challenge Gift 2014

Do you love a good challenge? Some sports enthusiasts are taking challenges to the extreme these days. While watching extreme sports is thrilling, most of us will never skydive, shoot the rapids in a kayak or base jump. However, there is one challenge that everyone can do. And this challenge is enough to get your heart pounding!

A generous new donor is giving Deaf Missions $25,000. And they want to challenge other people who believe in and support the ministry of Deaf Missions to give another $25,000 so even more Deaf communities worldwide can be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Like this couple, maybe there is someone whom God has blessed with $25,000 to give to this challenge. Or 10 people who can give $2,500. Or 100 who will give $250. Or 1000 giving $25. It does not matter how the challenge is met. However, please make this special gift ABOVE and BEYOND your regular giving to Deaf Missions! When you give, you are helping to provide dynamic visuals, excellent training, and opportunities for us to increase our outreach.

Will you accept this challenge? If so, then click the "I Accept the Challenge!" button below and give online now. Or you may mail your gift to Deaf Missions. Be sure to write “Challenge Gift” in the memo section of your check, or include a note telling us how much of your donation you want to apply to the challenge. Thank you and God bless you!