Jesus (9)

Bible Reading: Luke 8:22-25
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jesus (9)Jesus created the earth and everything in it. That is wonderful! In our Bible Reading today, Jesus proved that He is the Master over water when He calmed the sea. “He gave a command to the wind and the waves. The wind stopped, and the lake became calm” (verse 24b). Yes, Jesus is truly powerful.

The sun, moon, stars and water have no choice. They must obey Jesus. But we have a choice. We can choose to make Jesus our Master or choose the devil as our master. Jesus could force us to follow Him, but instead, He allows us to choose Him as our Master.

Jesus can do anything He wants. That’s why He gives us the freedom to choose Him to be the ruler over our lives. Jesus would not be happy if He had to force us to follow Him. But when we choose to make Him our Master, He is very happy!

So make Jesus happy, and make yourself happy, too! Choose to follow Jesus. — PK

“But maybe you don’t want to serve the Lord. You must choose for yourselves today. Today you must decide who you will serve.” Joshua 24:15a

PRAYER: Father, I want Jesus to be my Master. Help me to choose Him today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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