Daily Devotions for the Deaf

Very early on, we saw a real need for a publication especially for deaf people that would help them grow closer to the Lord. From this was born Daily Devotions for the Deaf.

The first issue (January, 1980) was mailed to about 7,000 homes. Now, Deaf Missions publishes Daily Devotions for the Deaf three times a year, mailing to over 25,000 homes. Each devotion is written in simple English and has a Bible reading, Scripture verse, prayer and illustration. Additionally (since the year 2000), we have been videotaping the devotions in American Sign Language and are currently distributing them on DVD and over the internet.

Deaf Missions has also published a large-print edition of the devotion book since April, 1981. Over the years, the devotion book has been formally translated into Braille, Spanish, Korean, German, and Romanian. Informal translations are also being done in areas of Asia and other parts of the world.

We could not have continued to publish the devotion book without the help of many people, from editors to artists to volunteer authors. More than 650 people, many of them deaf, have sent us devotions. If you are interested in writing devotions for our publication, please contact us.

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