The Bible: ASL Version

What is The Bible: ASLV?
This is the first translation of God's Word into American Sign Language (ASL). The New Testament and portions of the Old Testament are already completed. Translation teams work together to produce a translation that is both accurate and understandable, and which is not dependent on English translations of the Bible. English voice-overs are not included (Find out why here!). The ASLV features skilled deaf signers; on-screen chapter and verse index; and helpful graphics, notes, maps and illustrations. As technology improves, more recently completed books of the Bible are presented in high-definition, and include more special features, such as verse-by-verse selection.

Why do we need an ASL version of the Bible? For deaf people, reading spoken language is equivalent to reading a second language. ASL has its own unique rules, structure and grammar. Therefore, an accurate translation of the Bible into ASL is essential for deaf people to understand God's Word clearly in their own native and preferred language.

Translation Process
How is the ASLV made? Click here to read a brief explanation of how the translation process works.

In 1981, Deaf Missions determined to step out in faith and pursue the first translation of the Bible into American Sign Language. Click here to read how God has blessed this project.

The Bible: ASLV on DVD
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Reading Plan
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Currently Completed
This is a list of the books of the Bible currently translated into ASL and available on video:

The New Testament
...(Matthew - Revelation)
1 Samuel
Song of Solomon
The Minor Prophets
...(Hosea - Malachi)

Work continues to translate and film the rest of the Bible. Currently we are working on the book of Psalms.