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Liberia Missionary Trip 2009 Summary

Deaf Missionís Video Producer, Joseph Josselyn, his family and team member Shauna Jehle went to Liberia, West Africa, in July 2009 to minister to the deaf.

We held a five-day Bible Club at the deaf orphanage from where we adopted our children. Seven of the older children received Christ and were baptized. We also spent several days at a newly erected deaf home, where children were brought in from rural areas, who had no language exposure. We began to teach these eager children sign language and gave them all sign names. Several deaf ministries, deaf schools and deaf organizations were visited. Major needs include effective visual communication (as most use an archaic form of Signed Exact English), proper teacher training in childhood education and consistent funding for teachers.

Our prayer is that the deaf in the community would have a clear understanding of the vision and call of God for their lives and for the church, based on Biblical truths. Thus, they would be able to teach others in the deaf community and not rely solely upon hearing interpreters, who often have little interest in the welfare of the deaf.

Sincerely Yours,
Joseph, Nicole, Hadassah and JP Josselyn


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Liberia 2009 Slideshow
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Baptism Blooper
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