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It’s About Real IMPACT

God’s story is unstoppable when it is in the heart language of a people group. Deaf Missions maximizes impact on Deaf people through their Language, Culture and Identity.

It’s About Starting A Movement

When you partner with Deaf Missions, you are joining a movement of people who are helping millions of Deaf people encounter Jesus and to live a life of meaning and purpose. Our simple process for delivering the Gospel of Jesus happens in three steps…

 Epic Videos

Deaf people need high quality visual tools focused on their language, culture and identity. Our resources engage Deaf audiences in powerful ways.

Building Communities

Deaf Missions is forming Gospel communities for Deaf people who accept the teachings of Jesus to encourage and strengthen them in their faith.

Training Leaders

Deaf Missions is training more Deaf leaders to find creative ways to share a message of hope with other Deaf people who are in search of the real Jesus. Edgar’s story is one of our favorite leadership in action stories – watch it and also learn about training opportunities!

It’s About Belonging




The Deaf Missions community is incredible! We are composed of generous, passionate, and determined people. We believe in sincere prayer, providing access to Deaf people all over the world and sharing resources in focused ways. We’re world changers and history makers, and you’re going to fit right in.

It’s About Real Deaf People

“Through Deaf Missions, God has opened up new opportunities for me. I was hired as a translator for the ASLV. So now I’m also involved with translating the Bible into sign language. I finally feel like I’m right where I should be. God has a bigger plan for me than just being alive here on earth. God had a bigger picture – a bigger plan for me.” Matt

“My ASL Bible helps me grow several ways. It helps me understand sign language, and broadens my communication through different ways to sign things. I become so engrossed in it that I watch some parts over and over again so I can study and meditate on it. When I watch the ASLV, I understand it so much more. Sign Language is very beautiful and exciting and it draws me into God’s word!” JP