Building Momentum in Translation Work!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your prayers and support of Deaf Missions!  God is using your partnership with us to continue accelerating the work of finishing the first-ever complete sign language Bible for Deaf people.

Last month, final draft filming of 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles and Proverbs presented in American Sign Language (ASL) was accomplished.  Now we are in the post-production phase - our video team is hard at work editing so we can get these books into the hands of Deaf people by late summer/early fall.

Please continue your prayers…we will be doing final filming of the book of 1 Kings in ASL the last week of May.

Yes, momentum is building.  As you see above, only a few (but major!) books remain to be translated as we progress towards our highest priority of having all of God’s Word in ASL, the native language of Deaf people, by the year 2020!

Again, thank you!  God bless you for being a blessing to many!!

Thank you for being a beacon of God’s hope to Deaf people around the world. They, in turn, will share that hope with others in their communities, bringing many more Deaf people to Christ.

Bless you for providing hope for many!

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