1 Thessalonians (2)

On his second missionary journey, Paul went to Thessalonica. Paul came from Philippi where he and Silas had been thrown into prison. The people in Thessalonica were against Paul, too. Some of the Jews and Greeks believed in Jesus. But the Jews who did not believe caused so much trouble that Paul and Silas were sent away.
In our Bible verses, Paul remembers his work in Thessalonica. Paul preached to please God, not to please men. He says in verse 10a, “When we were there, we were pure, honest, and without fault in the way we lived.”
Paul’s ministry in Thessalonica had some problems, but with God’s guidance, Paul was successful. He trained and encouraged a group of believers whose faith was an example for other people.
It is not always easy to be a Christian. We may face troubles, but with God we can be successful!