1 Thessalonians (4)

Do you have friends or relatives who live far away? Maybe you wonder if they are doing okay. You can send a letter or call them, but a personal visit is always best.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn that Paul was worried about the believers in Thessalonica. He wanted to visit them, but he wasn’t able to go. Paul was afraid that these Christians would be tempted to turn from their faith or be discouraged by persecution. So he sent Timothy to visit and encourage them.
Later Timothy came back to Paul. Timothy gave Paul a good report about the believers in Thessalonica. Paul said in verse 7, “So, brothers and sisters, we are encouraged about you because of your faith.” Paul still wanted to see these people, but he was comforted to know that they were doing well.
When we can’t visit our friends and relatives, we can pray for them. We can ask God to be with them and encourage and strengthen them. Encourage someone today by praying for them!