1 Thessalonians (5)

Many people in our world today want to live in a fancy home or make lots of money. But our Bible verses today tell us about living a life that pleases God. These verses don’t talk about what kind of house we have or what kind of job we do. Paul talks about what kind of a person we are.
The first thing God wants for us is to be holy — “to stay away from sexual sins” (verse 3b). We should honor God with our bodies. He “does not want us to live in sin” (verse 7b). God also wants us to love each other. Paul said that the believers were already doing that, but they needed to do it more and more. We can never love too much!
The third thing that pleases God is to live a peaceful life. Paul told the believers in Thessalonica, “Mind your own business, and earn your own living” (verse 11a). If we do these things, non-believers will respect us.
Are you living a life that pleases God? I encourage you to “live that way more and more” (verse 1b).