1 Thessalonians (7)

In our verses today, Paul wrote more about Jesus’ coming. He wrote that it will be sudden and it will surprise many people. It will surprise people who are living in the world of sin. It will bring sudden destruction to them. But Christians should not be surprised, and they should not be afraid. They should always be ready for Jesus to come.
Paul told the Thessalonians to be “awake and have self-control” (verse 6b). He told them to wear faith and love as their protection. And Paul reminded them that Jesus died so we can all live together with Him forever. It makes no difference if we are dead or alive when Jesus comes — we will go to be with Him.
Paul’s words give us comfort. Every day we can know that Jesus will come again. If we have faith in God and love one another, we will live in a way that pleases God. We can have a life of hope as we wait for Jesus to come.