2 Thessalonians (5)

Today we will continue to think about the same Bible verses we read yesterday. These verses remind me of a story someone told me.
A man needed to move to a new house, so he asked some friends to help him. Several friends showed up to help him move his furniture and household goods. When they were finished moving, the man ordered pizza to feed his friends and to thank them for their help. One friend, who was too lazy to help move, thought he should get some pizza, too.
That is what Paul was talking about in our Bible verses. Some Christians were refusing to work. These people wanted other Christians to feed them and take care of them. But Paul said that Christians should work and “earn their own food” (verse 12b).
We need to make sure that we are working hard to take care of ourselves and our families. And we should be willing to use our time and energy to help others.