A Baby’s Cry

A woman in my church told me about her baby daughter. The mother traveled to China to adopt the baby girl from an orphanage. The workers at the orphanage told the woman that there they only had a few people to take care of many babies. Often the babies cried, but there was no one to help them. Eventually the babies didn’t cry at all. The workers told the woman that her baby might not cry.
The woman brought the baby home. At first, the baby did not cry. But then she started making soft sounds. When the mother heard these sounds, she went to the baby to see what she needed. The mother gave the baby hugs and kisses. Gradually these soft sounds became louder. Finally, the baby learned how to cry.
Sometimes we do not know how we should communicate with God. David said in our Bible Reading (verse 1), “Lord, hear my words. Understand what I am trying to say.” God paid attention to David. He pays attention to us, too. He always hears our cries for help.