A Bad Day

Ashley felt awful. She prayed, “Dear God, I can’t do anything right today!” That morning Ashley spilled coffee on her new skirt. After lunch, she accidentally locked her keys in her car. Before leaving work, her boss yelled at her. When Ashley arrived home, she realized that she had forgotten to stop at the grocery store.
Ashley sat down on her couch. Her Bible was on the coffee table. She picked up the Bible and a card fell out. A friend at church had given her the card last week. The card read, “Smile! God loves you…just the way you are!” Ashley’s friend had also written, “Dear Ashley, I hope you have a good week. I know you are facing stressful times. Don’t forget about God. Tell Him your problems. Remember to praise Him and thank Him for His love.”
Maybe sometimes you have bad days – days when everything seems to go wrong. You feel tired, hurt and weak. Bad days will happen. But don’t forget that God is always ready to pay attention to you. He will help you focus on your blessings instead of your problems.