A Bad Decision

God was happy with many things that King Jehoshaphat did. He was a good king who loved and obeyed God. Jehoshaphat taught the people to obey God, too. But he was not perfect. Jehoshaphat made some bad decisions. Jehoshaphat made these bad decisions when he decided to help King Ahab of Israel.
King Jehoshaphat agreed to go with Ahab to fight against the Arameans. But God decided that Ahab would die in that battle. Jehoshaphat almost died, too, but God saved him (2 Chronicles 18:31-32).
When Jehoshaphat helped Ahab, that was a bad decision. But he made a worse decision when he let his son, Jehoram, marry Ahab’s daughter, Athaliah (2 Chronicles 18:1). Later this decision caused many terrible things to happen in the country of Judah.
We should be careful about the decisions we make. We should be careful not to help people do things that God hates. When we make decisions that do not please God, we can hurt ourselves and other people.