A Better Hope

In the Old Testament, the Jews had to make sacrifices for their sins. But these sins were not removed. They were just rolled ahead until the time when Jesus died on the cross. Then when Jesus died, He paid the penalty for those sins.
Many things changed when Jesus died. There was a new way to forgive sins. People were no longer required to obey the Old Testament laws. So, that is why the writer of Hebrews says in verse 18, “The old rule is now ended because it was weak and worthless.”
Another thing that changed was that we have a better hope. Verse 19b tells us, “But now a better hope has been given to us. And with that hope we can come near to God.” What is that hope? This is the same hope of eternal life that we have been talking about for the past few days.
If you are a Christian, you have this better hope. Thank God today for what He has done for you.