A Bright Light

God wants every Christian to be a bright light for Him. Remember that we should be lights to show other people the way to Jesus (Matthew 5:16). But God doesn’t ask all of us to shine in the same place. Maybe he wants you to be a light in Romania or China or Ghana. Maybe God wants you to move to another place in the United States and be a light there. Or maybe He wants you to be a light where you work or with your family and friends.
Sometimes we think that darkness is powerful. But light is more powerful than darkness. One small candle in a dark room can shine very brightly. If you are the only Christian in your family, you can be a bright light that shows the way to Jesus. Or, if you are the only Christian where you work, you can still shine brightly. Then other people will want to follow Jesus, too.
Our Bible Reading reminds us to be careful how we live (verse 15). We should not live like people who are in darkness (sin). Instead, we should be a bright light for God.