A Clear View

My family moved into a house in the mountains. The back door had two thermal panes of glass. The right pane of glass was very clear. But the left pane had water trapped in it. When we looked through this glass, we could not see the mountains clearly.
A repairman came and put in a new pane of glass. Then we could see through both parts of the door. When we had a clear view, the mountains looked even more beautiful.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul said (verse 12b), ?Now we see like we are looking into a dark mirror. But at that time, in the future, we shall see clearly.? I can read about heaven in the Bible. But sometimes I don?t understand what heaven will be like. That?s okay because when I am in heaven, I will understand.
Someday God will give me a clear view of heaven, just like the new pane of glass helped us see the mountains more clearly. Praise God ? it will be wonderful to see Jesus face to face!