A Cord of Three*

After my wife and I were engaged, she gave me a special gift. It was a small, brass, heart-shaped box with three braided ribbons coming from the top. Attached to the box was a note which said: “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12.” My fiancee was reminding me that our marriage would be strong if she and I and the Lord were united. Today our marriage in the Lord is strong. Why? Because each decision we make and everything we do is based on our love for God and for each other.
Duane and Peggy King are a good example of a married couple who are united with God. When God called Duane to enter full-time deaf ministry, Peggy lovingly supported him in his decision and his work. Every person in ministry needs the support and encouragement of his or her spouse. For many years, Duane and Peggy have ministered among deaf people. Their love for each other has grown as they have shared the ministry together. God has created a special bond of love between Duane and Peggy. God is using their example to strengthen other husbands and wives in Christian service.