A Few Cents

Pam works for a large company. She thinks that the company does not pay her enough money. Sometimes Pam will take supplies home with her. Pam does not think this is wrong. She says, ?The things I take are only worth a few cents. Anyway, my company does not pay me a big enough salary.?
Even if Pam only takes things that are worth a few cents, she is still stealing from her company. Stealing is always stealing ? whether you steal 10 cents or $10,000!
In our Bible Reading, we read about a man named Achan. The Israelites conquered the city of Jericho. God commanded them to destroy everything in the city. But Achan saw some beautiful things in the city, and he took them. Because Achan did this, Israel was not able to defeat the city of Ai. Also, Achan and his entire family were stoned to death.
God does not want us to steal anything. He does not want us to steal a candy bar from a store or money from a bank. God wants us to work hard for the things we need and be satisfied with the things He gives us.