A Godly Person

My grandfather told me that when he was growing up, people sealed deals with just a handshake. They didn’t need to write a contract. That was truly a time of honesty and trust among people.
I watch the news today, and I see people who are dishonest and greedy. They are not godly people. In Psalm 15, the writer describes a godly person. Let’s look at what a godly person is like.
Verse 2 says that a godly person lives a pure life, does what is right and speaks only the truth. Verse 3 tells us three things that godly people do not do. They do not say bad things about people, do bad things to them or gossip about them. Verse 4 says that godly people will do what they promise to do and verse 5 says that they will be honest.
Are you a godly person? Do these things describe you? If not, depend on the Holy Spirit to work in your life to develop these characteristics.