A Godly Person

A godly person is a person who loves and obeys God. If you wanted to paint a picture of a godly person, what would it look like? The person you paint might have a smile on his face. He would look like he was peaceful and contented.
Psalm 1 gives us a “word picture” of a godly person. That person loves God’s teachings and thinks about them all the time. A godly person does not listen to bad advice or make fun of God.
Verse 3 compares a godly person to a strong tree that produces good fruit. A godly person will have God as the foundation of their life, and they will be successful.
The last few verses of Psalm 1 give us a description of a person who is not godly. Ungodly people have “lost their way” (verse 6).
I am sure you want to be a person who loves and obeys God. Read God’s Word and study it today.