A Good Example

When I was in high school, I had a friend who knew I was a Christian. She was always watching the things I did. One time I dropped something, and I said a slang word. My friend thought I said a bad word. She stopped and asked me what I said. When I told her what I said, she acted disappointed that I had not said a bad word.
When this happened, I knew that my friend was watching me. It made me nervous to know that she was watching me. But I tried very hard to always do the right thing. If I did make a mistake, I asked for forgiveness and tried to make the situation right again. Later my friend became a Christian. She told me that she had watched me and had seen my Christian example.
Our Bible Reading today tells us to show our faith by our actions. I was very happy that I tried to do right things. Why? Because my example helped my friend decide to become a Christian.
Don’t forget that someone will be watching you today!