A Good Husband

About two years ago, my husband died. We had been married for seventeen years. I have been very lonely since his death. Many changes have happened in my life. I miss being with my husband, and I miss his silly jokes.
Some people are married for many years. Others are only married for a couple of years. We cannot choose how long our husband or wife will live. But we can choose to be thankful for our marriages and for the way God blesses us. My husband and I had a good marriage. Our Bible Reading today tells us what God wants married people to do. If both a husband and wife obey God, they will have a good marriage, too.
I am so thankful for my good marriage. But I also need to be praying for people who struggle with their husband or wife. I should pray that these people will allow God to change their lives.
Life is very short. Take time today to thank God for your husband or wife, your family, your friends and all the blessings He has given you.