A Good Memory

Elephants are interesting animals. Some people think that elephants have very good memories. People also have good memories. Sometimes people cannot remember well because they are older or they have health problems. But most of us can remember things that are important to us.
I believe there are two things God really wants us to remember. First, He wants us to remember all of our blessings. Each day we should remember all the good things God has done for us. Then we will be thankful people.
Second, God wants us to remember all His special promises. Life is not always easy. God’s promises will help us face our problems. No matter how bad life is here on earth, we know that God has promised us a wonderful life in heaven with Him.
Maybe you can’t remember what you ate for dinner last night. But each day you should look back and remember God’s blessings. You can look ahead to the future and remember God’s promises.