A Good Name

Proverbs 22:1b says, “A good name is more important than silver or gold.” Names are important to us. It is good for us to pronounce and spell people’s names correctly. Sometimes parents give their child the same name as someone they respect. We like to have good names.
Our parents give us our earthly names. But only God can give us the name of Christian. We can choose to be part of God’s family, or we can choose to ignore God. In our Bible Reading today, Peter and John were in prison. Why? Because they preached about Jesus.
The next day, the Jewish leaders called Peter and John before them. The leaders asked Peter and John how they could heal people. They asked who gave them the authority to preach. Peter replied in verse 12, “Jesus is the only One who can save people. His name is the only power in the world that has been given to save people. We must be saved through Jesus.”
If you are part of God’s family, you have Jesus’ name – “Christian.” It is an honor to have His name. Be sure you show other people that you belong to Jesus.