A Missionary

I am not able to go to another country and tell people about Jesus. Maybe you are like me. You want to go and tell all people about Jesus, but for some reason you can’t.
But I have good news for you — you can tell others about Jesus right where you live. Verse 5b of our Bible Reading says, “Use your time in the best way you can.” This means that we should share the Good News about Jesus whenever we have an opportunity.
Almost every day we can be a missionary in our own part of the world. We can share God’s love with people we meet during the day: a teacher, the mailman, a sales clerk, a friend, a fellow-worker, a family member or our neighbors.
Many of the people you will see today are not Christians. Some may have never learned the truth about Jesus. These people are your mission field. If you tell them about Jesus, you will be using your time in the best way you can.
Ask God to help you be a missionary to the people you meet today.