A New Leader

Have you ever been a leader? Maybe you were the leader of a church group or a leader in your family. If you were a leader, you had to make the final decisions about things. And, you were responsible to keep the group safe.
Sometimes we say that some people are “born leaders.” That means they have the characteristics of a good leader. But most people are not born leaders. Many people do not want to be leaders.
The Bible is full of stories about people who did not really want to be leaders. Moses was afraid to speak for God (Exodus 4:10). But God used Moses in amazing ways! Our Bible Reading today tells us about Joshua becoming the new leader of the Israelites. Joshua was a common person. But God used him to lead the Israelites for many years.
Moses and Joshua were successful leaders because they knew God was with them. We need to remember that God is with us, too. God can help us do any job He gives us to do.