A New Year

Today people around the world are celebrating the beginning of the year 2011. This is also a good day for Christians to praise God and to decide to be like Jesus in the new year.
Our Bible Reading today talks about Jesus being our example. These verses tell us that Jesus died for us so our sins can be forgiven. Also, these verses encourage us to follow Jesus’ example. He was patient, loving and pure. We should try every day to be like Jesus.
How can we be like Jesus? Here are a few ideas that I read in a book by Leo Buscaglia. We can smile at people we meet. We can pay attention when friends tell us their joys and problems. And we can do nice things for other people, just to show them that we care about them.
I hope you will decide to live for Jesus in 2011. You can start today by trying to be patient, loving and pure like Him.