A Skunk

Sometimes when I am outside walking or riding in a car, I see a small animal. This animal is not much bigger than a cat. It is black with a white stripe. When I see this animal I try to avoid it.
Do you know what animal I see? A skunk! A skunk will not bite me or scratch me. A skunk will defend itself by spraying me with a terrible-smelling liquid. A skunk has a reputation for smelling bad!
In our Bible Reading today, we read about a man named Titus. Titus had a good reputation. In verse 18 Paul says that Titus is ?the brother who is praised by all the churches (groups of believers). This brother is praised because of his service in the gospel.? Titus had a reputation for serving God.
What kind of reputation do you have? Maybe you have a bad reputation because you are unkind or tell lies or use bad language. Or maybe you have a good reputation because you follow God and please Him.
Don?t be like the skunk. Do things that bring praise and honor to God.