A Time of Joy*

I always look forward to December. It is a month of excitement and joy. We see brightly colored lights. We sing songs about Jesus’ birth. We go to parties and church programs. We bake cookies and prepare special surprises. We spend time with our families and friends.
This time of year can be happy. Or it can be a busy time filled with worry. We can become too busy with shopping, cooking, decorating, visiting and all the other December events. Then we don’t have time for the most important part of Christmas. We forget God. We begin to think the same as people who are not Christians.
When this happens, we lose our spiritual energy. We become too tired to pray and read the Bible. We forget about Jesus – the greatest gift God has given to us.
Don’t let this happen to you this December. Decide to fill this time of year with Jesus. Take time to think about His birth. Think about what Jesus means to you. Ask God to help you remember His Son at Christmastime.