A True Christian

Our Bible Reading today talks about a man named Simon. Simon was a magician. He followed Jesus? disciples. Simon listened to the disciples preach about Jesus. He had fellowship with people who followed Jesus. But Simon had a problem. Verses 18b-19 say, ?So Simon offered the apostles money. Simon said, ?Give me this power so that when I put my hands on a person, he will receive the Holy Spirit.??
Simon did not act like a true Christian. Peter told Simon (verses 21-22), ?You cannot share with us in this work. Your heart is not right before God. Change your heart! Turn away from this bad thing you have done. Pray to the Lord (God). Maybe he will forgive you for thinking this.?
Some people today call themselves Christians, but they do not have a right relationship with God. Maybe your relationship with God is not right. You need to ask God to forgive you and help you be a true Christian.
Think about your life. Make sure that you are not like Simon. Truly follow Jesus today.