A True Follower

When military groups recruit new people, they want men and women who will be committed to the military. I have heard people say, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” To be a good soldier, you must live as a soldier every day.
Being a true follower of Jesus is like being a military person. If you are a Christian, you must follow Jesus every day of your life. In our Bible Reading, Jesus talked about this kind of commitment. “Any of you who want to be my follower must stop thinking about yourself and what you want. You must be willing to carry the cross that is given to you every day for following me” (verse 23b).
Are you willing to be a true follower of Jesus? Are you ready to commit every day of your life to Him? If your answer to those questions is “yes,” then I encourage you to read the Bible, pray and dedicate your life to serving others. What can you do today to show that you are a true follower of Jesus?