God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. But He did not send Moses alone. God also used Moses’ brother, Aaron. Moses thought that he was not a good speaker. So God told Moses that Aaron would help him. In Exodus 4:15-16, God told Moses what he should do. “I will tell you what to say. Then you will tell Aaron, and I will help him say it well. I will tell both of you what to do. So Aaron will speak for you. Like God, you will speak to him, and he will tell the people what you say.”

Aaron also served as a prophet with Moses. Later, after God led His people out of Egypt, Aaron helped Moses lead the Israelites. And God chose Aaron to be the first high priest.

Like Moses, Aaron was not perfect. He made some serious mistakes. One time he built a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. Another time Aaron and his sister, Miriam, challenged Moses’ leadership. But Aaron repented of these things, and God forgave him. God let Aaron continue to serve as the high priest until he died.

God knows that it is hard for us to do His work alone. That’s when He provides people to help us serve Him. Thank God for the people who help and encourage you in your Christian life!