Abraham (3/1/18)

Some people think that Abraham was the first prophet. God spoke to Abraham and told him many things. One thing God told Abraham was to move from his home in Ur and travel to a different place called Canaan. That place would later become the land of Israel.

Wherever Abraham went, God protected him. But Abraham did not always fully trust God to protect him. One time Abraham and Sarah traveled to a new place. Abraham was afraid that someone would take Sarah and kill him. Genesis 20:2 tells us what Abraham did. “Abraham told people that Sarah was his sister. King Abimelech of Gerar heard this. Abimelech wanted Sarah, so he sent some servants to take her.” Abraham wanted to do things his way instead of God’s way. But God helped Abraham and Sarah and kept them safe.

Later, Abraham learned to trust God completely. When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, Abraham trusted God to keep Isaac alive. Abraham knew that God would keep his promise to give Abraham many descendants through Isaac.

I hope you will trust God completely today. He loves you and will always be with you.