Abraham’s Faith

In our Bible verses today, we learn that God told Abram (also called Abraham) to leave his home and go to another country. Abraham did not know where God would lead him. He didn’t know how far he would have to travel. Abraham didn’t know why God wanted him to go. All Abraham knew was that God told him to move. So, he did! Abraham moved because he had faith in God.
Abraham did know that he had to move his family. He knew that he was already 75 years old. Abraham had many things to pack and take with him. Moving is a huge job and a very emotional experience. But Abraham did it because God told him to do it. When Abraham moved, he showed his faith.
Do you show your faith? God speaks to us through the Bible. It is amazing that some people who say they believe the Bible don’t show their faith in God. The way to show your faith is to obey God. Obeying God is always the best thing to do. Obey Him today!