Abraham’s Reward

God rewarded Abraham for his faith. Abraham became very, very wealthy (Genesis 13:2). But the best reward that Abraham received is the same reward that God has for you, if you are faithful to Him.
Verse 10b of our Bible Reading explains about the best reward. Abraham “was waiting for the city that is planned and built by God.” That city is what we often call heaven.
Hebrews 11 tells about other faithful people. Verse 13a says, “All those great men continued living with faith until they died.” The Bible says that these faithful people were known for their faith, but they had not yet received God’s great promise. The great promise is eternal life with God. If we are faithful, we will receive the great promise along with these faithful people (Hebrews 11:39-40).
God has an exciting future for you if you continue to be faithful to Him!