Our Bible Reading tells us that while Abram was in Haran, God told him to move to Canaan. Abram obeyed God. He took “his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the slaves and all the other things he got in Haran” (verse 5).
God also gave Abram a promise. God told him in verse 10b, “I will give this land to your descendants.” Later, God told Abram (Genesis 15:5b), “Look at the sky. See the many stars. There are so many you can’t count them. In the future, your family will be like that.” God blessed Abram, and he became the father of the nation of Israel. Many years later, Jesus was born into this same family.
It is important that God used Abram to begin the nation of Israel. But it is even more important that Abram trusted God. Abram trusted God to lead him and to keep his family safe.
We can learn from Abram’s example. We need to trust God, even if we do not know where we are going. Trust God to take care of you today.