Accept Things*

I hate winter weather! I hate the ice and cold! I have said those words many times. I don’t like it when the weatherman says, “More ice and snow on the way.” I am not a winter person. I LIKE warm weather. I don’t like the time of year that requires boots, hats, gloves and heavy coats. I never will understand how some people LIKE the cold! Maybe you agree with me.
The Bible tells us that every day has been made by our loving heavenly Father. Those days include the changing seasons, even winter. God has made nature to change from warm to cold (and then from cold to warm). The Bible also tells us that we should not complain. I try to remember that when I think about winter. To me that means I do not have to love winter. I just should not complain about it. I must learn to accept it.
As Christians we can apply that to every area of our lives. Complaining does us no good. Decide today to rejoice each new day. Praise God that you are alive. Praise God that He loves you.