Ahab was the king of Israel, the northern kingdom where God’s people lived. Ahab was king about the same time that Jehosphaphat was king of Judah. But Ahab was not a good king. Ahab was a bad king. He did many things that made God angry.
Ahab married a woman named Jezebel. She was a very evil woman who worshiped the false god, Baal. Jezebel cause Ahab to worship Baal, too. Ahab and Jezebel caused many evil things to happen in the country of Israel.
God’s prophets told Ahab and Jezebel that they should obey God. But Ahab and Jezebel chose not to pay attention to God. They were proud and stubborn people. Ahab and Jezebel wanted to do things their own way. They did not want to obey God. Many people in Israel suffered because of the evil things Ahab did.
We should not be stubborn and proud like Ahab. We should not think that it is better to do what we want than to obey God. When we do not obey God, we hurt ourselves and other people, too.