Jehoram died, and his son, Ahaziah, became king of Judah. Ahaziah’s mother was Athaliah. (Remember that Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.)
Athaliah taught her son to do evil things and to disobey God. Ahaziah also paid attention to advice from Ahab’s family in Israel. These people told Ahaziah to disobey God and do evil things. God was angry with Ahaziah.
At the same time that Ahaziah was king in Judah, Ahab’s son, Joram, was king of Israel. Ahaziah went to Israel to visit Joram. While Ahaziah was in Israel, God sent a prophet to Jehu. Jehu was the captain of Israel’s army. God said He would make Jehu the king if he would destroy Ahab’s family. So Jehu killed Joram and all of Ahab’s family. Jehu also killed Jezebel and Ahaziah.
When Ahaziah was killed, he had only been king for one year. God destroyed Ahaziah. Why? Because he paid attention to evil people and did not obey God.