Our Bible Reading tells us that three women went to the tomb where Jesus was buried. When they came to the tomb, they saw that the large stone had been rolled away from the doorway. The women walked into the tomb. They saw a young man wearing a white robe. This man told the women that Jesus had risen from the dead.
Later, one of the women, Mary from Magdala, saw Jesus. Mary ran to tell Peter and the other followers that Jesus was alive. Then Peter and John ran to the tomb. They saw the empty tomb and knew that Jesus was alive.
During the next few days, Jesus appeared to many other followers. These people saw Jesus alive. They ate with Jesus and talked with Him. These people were witnesses that Jesus died and then rose from the dead.
Many religions in the world have a leader who has died. But all of those leaders are still dead! Christians follow Jesus, who is alive and will live forever. Thank God for His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ.