All Your Heart

Many times when we talk about the “heart” of a person, we are not talking about the muscle that pumps blood. We are talking about a person’s feelings, emotions and attitudes.

In our Bible Reading, Jesus talked about loving God. If we love God with all our heart, we do not allow any place in our heart for sin. Instead of a bad attitude, we have a good attitude. Instead of anger and complaints, we have joy and peace. Instead of hurting people, we help people. A good heart produces good works, love, obedience and praise.

Often it is hard to give God all our heart. There are many distractions that can stop us from focusing on Him. Also, it is hard to keep other people and situations from affecting our attitudes. But even when we have struggles, God does not stop loving us. Our love is not perfect, but God’s love is perfect.

Remember to keep your focus on Jesus by studying the Bible and showing love to others. This will help you continue loving God with all your heart.