All Your Life

God gave Moses many rules for the Israelites. These rules taught the people how to serve God and get along with each other. Some of these rules were about slaves. If an Israelite bought a slave, that person would stay with him for six years. After that, the slave was free.

But if a slave loved his master, he could choose to continue working for him. Exodus 21:6 tells us about that.“If this happens, the master will bring the slave before God. The master will take the slave to a door or the wooden frame around the door and pierce the slave’s ear using a sharp tool to show that the slave will serve the master for all his life.”

The Bible often describes Christians as slaves to God. This means that Christians have given themselves completely to God. A Christian will serve God and obey Him. But a true Christian does not serve God for a short time and then stop. Christians choose to serve God all of their lives.

If you are a Christian, you made a promise to serve God all your life. That means you can’t serve Him today and then decide to not serve Him tomorrow. We are all sinners — we all make mistakes. But we still need to try and serve God every day. Decide today to be God’s servant all your life!