All Your Soul

Genesis 1:27a says, “So God created humans in his own image. He created them to be like himself.” But God does not have a physical body. So this verse is not talking about our physical bodies. The part of us that is made as a copy of God is our soul. Our soul will live forever. Our physical bodies will die, but our souls will never die.

The Bible tells us that people who follow and obey Jesus will be with Him forever. We will be able to worship Him and be with Him all the time. But we do not need to wait until our physical bodies die to give our souls to Jesus. We can serve and worship Him now.

How can you love God with all your soul right now? Our Bible verses for today remind us that we need to stop thinking about ourselves. Instead we should think about others. We should also worship God, serve Him and depend on Him for our strength.

When you spend time on earth worshiping and serving God, you will be ready to worship Him forever in heaven.