All Your Strength

When Jesus said to love God with all your strength, He was talking about our physical bodies. Paul tells us in our Bible verses for today that we can choose to use our bodies to do sinful things or to do good things.

The world is constantly telling us to use our bodies for pleasures like sex, drugs or other selfish things. But all of these things will only give us pleasure for a short time. God does not want us to hurt our bodies with these things.

Instead, God wants us to use our bodies to serve Him. Matthew 25:31-46 teaches that if we see people who are hungry, we should feed them. If we see people who have no clothes or a home, we should find them clothes and a place to stay. If we see someone who is sick or depressed, we should give that person comfort and encouragement.

As long as we live on earth, we can find many ways to use our bodies to serve God.