Often sinful people ignore God and separate themselves from Him. They don’t read the Bible. They don’t pray, and they don’t worship God. These people just leave God alone.
God loves people. God hurts when people ignore Him or speak against Him. But, don’t worry — God is okay. The problem is that if people leave God alone, finally God will leave them alone. Now, that’s a different story! People cannot survive without God.
Romans 1:21-32 talks about what will happen to people who don’t worship God. If these people keep doing those sins, God will finally leave them alone to do their sinful things.
When Jesus died, He took our sins to the cross. God looked at Jesus and saw that His perfect Son was dirty with terrible sin. God left Jesus alone for a while. How terrible!
Don’t live without God. Stop sinning, try to do right and worship God. Then God will always be with you.