Always Be Ready

I live in the Republic of Chad. On April 13, 2006, rebels attacked the army of my country. These people wanted to overthrow the government by a surprise attack on our capitol city. French armies came to help our army. The rebels failed, and they fled into the mountains.
Later the rebels told the leaders of my country that they would come back again and try to overthrow the government. Since that time, the army has taken control of the capitol city. The people are afraid that the rebels will come again. The soldiers guard the city day and night. They want to be ready when the rebels come again.
This reminds me of what Jesus told His disciples about His second coming. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said (verse 32a), ?No person knows when that day or time will be.? Only God knows when Jesus will come again.
Jesus continued to say that we should always be ready for Him to come. We can make ourselves ready by praying, reading the Bible, worshiping God and being a Christian servant. I hope you are ready when Jesus comes again.