Always Forgive

One day Carrie was playing with her sister. Carrie accidentally broke her sister?s toy. Then the sister became angry and pushed Carrie. That made Carrie angry, and she hit her sister. Carrie and her sister should have stopped being angry and forgiven each other.
Two men were driving their cars. One man almost hit the other car. Then that driver became angry and chased the first car. Finally the cars crashed into each other. These men should have been kind and forgiving.
When someone is mean to me, I feel bad. Sometimes I become angry, and I want to do bad things to them. When I do this, God is not happy. Why? Because He wants me to always forgive others.
God is sad when I do bad things. But God loves me, and He always forgives me. I want to be like God. I want to forgive other people.
Ask God to help you forgive others today.