Always There

More than a year ago, I had some extra cash. So I put it in an envelope and hid it in a book. Later my wife asked me about the money. I didn’t even remember hiding the money. Then a few months later I was looking through my books and I found the envelope and the money.
Even though I had forgotten about the money, it was always in the same place. And it was always available for me to take. God’s promises are the same way. We may forget about them, ignore them or doubt them, but God’s promises are always there for us to accept.
God has given us many promises in the Bible. Our Bible Reading reminds us about one promise. God has promised to be our “protection and source of strength” (verse 1a). That promise is always there for us to remember and hold onto.
Don’t forget God’s promises today! He loves you and wants to bless you.